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The Favis Family

We have been providing the best quality Brown Crab and Blue Lobster to some of the UK's finest hotels and restaurants since 1972. We are very lucky to be located in one of the world's most recognised areas for superb shellfish, this is mainly due to the nutrient enriched waters of South Devon.

Our Boat 'Emma Jane' SE101

We operate a 60' (18m) Crabber with a crew of 6. The 'Emma Jane' SE101 was custom built in 1989 from a Dutch company. The crew and the boats safety is paramount to us and we strive to make sure that the highest possible levels of safety are always maintained both at sea and alongside the quay.

If you would like to read more about us and our boat please visit our main website www.favis-os.com

Our Services

UK Wholesale

We deliver live crab and lobster to customers, wholesalers and some of the UK's finest hotels and restarants in the UK. If you are a restaurant, hotel or run any other catering business please visit our main website www.favis-os.com or contact us to arrange an account. Our account manager Tom can be contacted on 01548 521182.

Worldwide Export

We export live crab and lobster to Europe including France, Spain and Portugal, we also export to Hong Kong and China by air frieght. If you are looking to import Crab and Lobster to your country please visit our main website www.favis-os.com or contact us. Pippa and Laura Favis are on hand to discuss how we can help.

Why our Crab & Lobster

Because the waters around South Devon are so clean, they are rich in essential marine nutrients which in turn provides excellent food for the Crab and Lobster that live and breed there. It is said that the quality of the South Devon shellfish is some of the best in the world.

Health Benefits of Crab and Lobster


Crabmeat is packed full of Protein which is essential for the building and repair of body tissue and muscles. Crab is also a fantastic source of beneficial Omega 3 fatty acids, EPA & DHA which  both have anti-inflammatory properties. Research also shows that these Omega 3's can help protect against Heart Disease, help lower Blood Pressure and help improve memory. It has also been reported that they can possibly improve depression & anxiety. Crab meat also contains certain minerals that aid the immune system.  The meat is low in calories and although it does contain a little fat it is generally unsaturated fat.


Lobsters are low in Fat and Cholesterol and high in Protein, so their meat is very beneficial for the Heart and healthy body function. Lobster meat is also high in Omega 3 Fatty Acids, which are essential for proper Brain and Heart function and also lowering Blood Pressure. Lobster meat can also be effective in preventing health problems such as Osteoporosis and Rheumatoid Arthritis. The Zinc found in Lobsters is essential for increasing Brain activity and boosting the Immune System.


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